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God of War PS2 free download full version

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God of War PS2 free download full version

God of War PS2 free download full version
God of War . The God of War begins his adventures with God of War, one of the most acclaimed action games of his time. 
We will put ourselves in the shoes of the ferocious captain of the Spartan army Kratos, a fearsome warrior who, in the midst of almost lost battle, invokes the God of war Ares.
offering him his eternal loyalty in exchange for defeating his adversaries.
 From that moment on, he would be obliged to fulfill his master’s one and ruthless order: kill, kill and kill, destroying whole villages with children and women, even his own family. 
At this point, full of hatred, Kratos rebels against his own master. 
here you can download  the game for PS2  in Spanish and mega .
Title: God of War

Compressed size: 3.1 gb

Links: 4

Format: ISO

Server: Mega


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